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2020 Auditions Dates:
9/8 – pre-audition clinic
9/15 – open call auditions
9/22 – world team call backs
9/29 – A team call backs

Malachi Independent Winter Guard

As the 2019 season draws to a close we want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible success we had as an organization. We floored four talented teams, each with a stunning and beautiful production. Our Minis team had an undefeated season performing their colorful and energetic show in our local circuit and is now a back to back State Champion. Our Regional A team performed beautifully this winter with a passionate and strong message about the power of words and self-image. They completed the season with a silver medal in a very close back and forth season-long battle within their class. Our Independent A team floored an intensely emotional and engaging production based on the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, and placed 11th at WGI Championships and celebrated their second consecutive year in finals. Our World team competed in their second season in this class and performed a strong and demanding production based on negative thoughts, anxiety and overcoming personal demons. They had a strong run at WGI Championships and took home the gold medal in their local circuit.

With the completion of this winter season we would like to take this opportunity to announce that our friend and A team director, Jeff Hargis, is leaving the Malachi family. He is moving forward in his journey towards a Masters in Counseling and will be returning to the classroom in a few short weeks. Jeff has been an invaluable part of our organization for the past 13 years, as a performer, staff member and director. We appreciate his talent, passion, dedication and all that he has shared with the staff, membership and color guard community. Along with Jeff’s departure, Mikey Sulpizio will also be leaving. Mikey and Jeff were married on January 1 of this year and they no doubt want to continue to enjoy their newlywed status. Mikey has shared his talents with the Malachi organization and has been an invaluable resource to the A team over the past several seasons. His passion for dance and his training of the membership has yielded phenomenal results and we are so grateful for his time and talent on and off the floor. Mikey has been a tremendous asset within the fundraising aspect of this activity as well; many thanks to him for the countless hours he dedicated to Aramark and coordinating so many trainings and opportunities. The 2019 A team staff also included Chelsea Davis, Kelsey Potter and Samantha Stevens. These ladies contributed to the success of the team this season and we want to recognize their time and talents as well. The A team has grown so much since it’s inception in 2016 and we are looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence that Jeff and his staff have put in place.

Keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things… your curiosity will lead you down the path of success. – Walt Disney

Malachi Independent is looking forward to the 2020 season, we are excited for the opportunity to continue to share our mission of educating performers of all ages with the virtues of integrity, inclusivity, and positivity as we emphasize excellence with a graciously competitive mindset within a collaborative atmosphere amongst the performing and marching arts communities. Please continue to follow us via our social media platforms and our website (www.malachiindependent.org) during the off-season as we will be offering clinics, spinning opportunities and auditions for all levels. We look forward to what the future holds for our organization and we are so grateful for all the support we received this season from our fans, friends and families.

As an organization we have 4 levels of competitive teams. Take a second to see how WGI defines each level. Our World Team is in the top echelon of winter guard as a sport. They compete at the highest level this activity has to offer. Our “A” team is our intermediate class and is comprised of members who have training, technique, and experience from a few seasons of marching band, winter guard, dance or gymnastics. Our Regional “A” team is our beginning level competitive team that is dedicated to students over the age of 14. Typically high school students or recent graduates that have just discovered their love of this activity are members of this team and receive the training they need to move upwards in our organization. And our Minis team is made up of young kiddos from age 7-14. These elementary and middle school students are just starting on their color guard journey and learn dance technique and spinning fundamentals from the ground level.

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Malachi offers year-round activities for our members and any student of dance and/or guard.  During the summer months we have summer dance classes for anyone in the beginner through advanced range.  We also offer monthly spin clinics/camps.  Check the following links if you wish detailed information on either.

Dance Classes

young beautiful modern ballet dancer posing

Spin Clinics/Camps



Please bring a snack, water, and dress in athletic/dance attire. If you would like to spin weapon please bring your own as extras are limited.


2020 Audition Dates

9/8 – Pre-Audition Clinic

9/15 – Open Call Auditions

9/22 – World Team Call Backs

9/29 – A Team Call Backs 

Note: Audition dates are for RA, A, and World Teams.  Potential members for our Minis team  need not audition but must be under 14 years of age and begin attending rehearsals in October.  Our Minis team is holding OPEN and FREE rehearsals all summer long.  Please email spin@malachiwinterguard.org for questions specific to the Mini Team, attention Lindsay Thomas. 

Do you live outside of the Denver area?  Most of our members live within driving distance of the Metro area, but some live as far as Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Overnight housing and carpooling can usually be arranged for those with long commutes. Please send us an email at spin@malachiwinterguard.org to help make this happen for you.

Auditon Tip #1: Like our Facebook page and ask to join the 2019 Member Group to stay in the loop, gain helpful information for auditioning, and learn about fundraising options.

Audition Tip #2: Attend our summer dance classes and spin camps to acquire knowledge and skills to have a successful audition.

Audition Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to reach out to staff with questions, concerns, or audition conflicts! You will be most successful with less to worry about at auditions. Please get in touch with us by sending an email to spin@malachiwinterguard.org.

What to Expect at Auditions

  • Open call auditions will be geared toward an intermediate, A Class level, with call backs being geared more toward the separate team expectations.
  • Bring a water bottle that you can refill and plenty of snacks to get you through the day. There will be short breaks provided and time to rest during group performances.
  • Flags will be provided, but you should bring your own weapons as there are a limited number of spares available. Everyone should plan to audition on flag, rifle, and dance.
  • Wear black, form-fitting clothes that allow for movement, comfortability, and focus. You don’t want your clothing to be a distraction to yourself or staff!
  • Contracts will be sent out within two days of the call back for each team. Those individuals will be provided a member packet and paperwork to complete.
  • Rehearsals will begin in October for all contracted members.

What to Expect as a Cast Member

See last year’s Member Packet for what you can assume in regards to schedule, fees, fundraising, and expectations. Expect some changes to be made for this year’s teams.

Exercise Videos

Below are several videos of technique exercises at the various levels within our program. It is encouraged that you learn as many of these as possible prior to auditions to enhance your confidence and abilities. More videos to come soon.


Registration is open!  Please use THIS LINK to register.


We charge a $50 audition fee (Minis/Novice team exempted).  This is one time payment and covers all call back sessions.  Please pay online using the following PayPal button prior to the first camp.  (Cash/check/card payments accepted at the door).  This payment is credited to your account and contributes to the overall cost of your season’s dues.

Participant Name



Malachi Independent has become a force throughout the Rocky Mountain region since it’s inception in 2007. Since beginning with 5 dedicated members it has grown to encompass 4 competitive teams with 80+ members ranging in age from 6-51. As Malachi enters its thirteenth season they will floor a World Class team for the second consecutive year. The World Class team emerged from the success Malachi Independent garnered in the open class division and after placing in the Top 10 at WGI World Championships in 2016 and 2017 the decision was made to move to the top echelon of competitive winter guard.

The organization began to expand to include an A class team in 2016 and a Regional A class level in 2017. They added their Minis team in 2018 to incorporate training at the youngest and most beginner level. Each level has seen tremendous success both locally and nationally. The A team made WGI finals for the first time this past season with their program, “Dissolution”. The Regional A team or MIRA as they are called, has won back to back RMCGA division championships as well as winning the Las Vegas WGI regional in their class. The Minis team competes in the Middle School division and had an undefeated debut season.

Malachi Independent Winterguard is a color guard organization based in the Denver area. Each team competes at local competitions hosted by Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association and most teams attend international competitions provided by Winter Guard International. Malachi is under the direction of Jenn Carrasco.

Malachi Independent Winterguard is a non-profit, fully qualified 501(c)3 organization under the parent organization High Country Performing Arts Association, Inc.  


The mission of the Malachi organization is to educate performers of all ages with the virtues of integrity, inclusivity, and positivity. Emphasizing excellence with a graciously competitive mindset and collaborative atmosphere within the performing arts and as future leaders within their communities.

Malachi is a safe place where young adults can come and pursue their passion within the construct of the color guard activity. Our goal is to educate, train and guide each member to fulfill their potential as a performer on the floor while giving them the encouragement and confidence to pursue their dreams off the floor. We understand that we have been given a gift and responsibility with each student to treat them with kindness, respect and professionalism and to teach them technique in all aspects of the guard activity including dance, flag, and weapon skills that will carry them to the top of this activity, not just in winter guard but in marching band, drum corps and beyond.


We nurture a safe, positive environment and inspire excellence through innovation, education and performance.

Malachi, as an organization, strives to grow our members through a regimented and refined implementation of basics and fundamentals that is taught across all levels. It is important to us that each team achieves a high level of training that propels each member forward in our organization. On top of this consistent training the directors of each team, as well as the design staff, are constantly pushing the limits of creativity with choreography, staging and visual design to achieve cohesive and entertaining programs season after season.

Staff and Cast

Staff Bios

MIO 2017 Cast

MIA 2017 Cast

MIRA 2017 Cast