2016 Malachi Open – “Transcendent Journey”


2016 WGI Finalist – 5th Place – 90.90


Team Malachi Independent Open
Show Title “Transcendent Journey”
Concept We don’t board our journey through life with feelings of hopelessness. Only persistent, ugly, experiences that cross our path lead us towards despair. Encounters with road rage; exposures to unpleasant social media and news reports; and perhaps coming face to face with bullying and brutality. These things stoke anger’s fire, and through it all, it would be easy to for us to accept that these destinations are normal and hope doesn’t exist. It’s easy to stop caring.Hopefully, we learn that our ticket is open-ended. That if we arrive at an unwanted station, we can choose to remain on-board and instead depart at more pleasant stations. Stations where we find beauty in nature; beauty in human accomplishments; beautiful acts of kindness; and also beautiful friendships. We can allow any of these to spark our soul. We can find breaks in despair and get an occasional peak at optimism. It may take longer than overnight, but we can set our destination towards hope and start a new journey; a transcendent journey.
Music  “I’ve Seen it All” by Björk; “Hunter” by Björk;
Director Jennifer Carrasco
Staff Jennifer Carrasco, Krissy Lea, Lynn Graham, Jim Zimmerman, Lisa Cowden, Phraidra Reed, Kayla Kenyon
Cast Jeffrey, Kirsten, Clayton, Jeff, Lynna, Molly, Chad, Britlynn, Valerie, Cleo, Mikey, Carlee, Javante, Samantha, Kyle
Sponsors Inspire Creative, Inc.
Costume Designer Lisa Cowden
Set Design Jim Zimmerman

Colorado RMCGA Championships: 1st Place

Malachi Open was at the following WGI events:
Riverside Regional – Riverside, CA – 4th Place
Las Vegas Regional – Las Vegas, NV – 2nd Place
Denver Regional – Denver, CO – 1st Place
WGI Championships – Dayton, OH – 5th Place – 90.0