King Soopers Reloadable Gift Cards


A pretty simple – neat – no brainer – fundraiser.

Purchase a gift card for $5 (plus 50 cents shipping) and you get card with $5 of purchase power at Kings Soopers.  With card in hand, you can now decide when and for how much to reload the card.  Let’s say you have the store cashier add $100 to your card (you can pick any dollar amount you want).  You pay the cashier $100.  You get $100 of purchase power at Kings and our organization (as a non-profit) gets 5% of the value you reloaded; which in this example comes to $5.

Have a credit card you like to get points/miles on?  Just use that credit card with the cashier to reload the gift card and you get the full points/miles and we get 5%.  Then proceed with checkout and use the the gift card to pay.

Use the card for anything you wish at the store – even the store’s Starbucks stand – and outside at the King’s gas pump.

You spend the same you normally would at King Soopers and get all the same credit card rewards you normally do.  Only now, our non-profit gets a 5% donation from King Soopers.

The card can be used at any of the following stores nationwide!


You can designate that the percentage we receive from your card reload goes to one of two areas.

  1. To cover our general operating expenses – pick “General Fund”.
  2. To go directly to the fees of a currently active member – pick “Member Fees” and enter the member’s name in the text field.  In the future if you wish to change this designation just send us an email and we can make that happen.
  • Note:  If you are a current member (or staff) and wish to make use of these cards – please do not order here.  Communicate directly with Mikey and he’ll get you set up and bring your card to a rehearsal.
  • Another Note:  Online orders placed between the 1-15th order will be mailed by the 21st. Those placed between the 16-31 will be mailed by the 7th of the next month.

Purchase gift cards for $5.00 each.  $0.50 mailing fee is added per order.  

Want more than one card?  You can add cards once at the PayPal page.

Choose your designation.
Member Name – if choose fees