Malachi and its parent organization High Country Performing Arts Assn. (HCPAA) are constantly working to ensure that the members, staff, and volunteers of our organization are kept safe from physical, mental, and emotional harms. What follows here is a list of the means we use to ensure that.

Background Checks. All staff members, board members, trip chaperones, and trip van drivers are required to complete our background check process. Our background check vendor is ClearStar. They screen nationally and locally for criminal offenses including sex offender records.

Codes of Conduct. All of our members and staff sign a code of conduct statement on an annual basis as part of their contracting process. The codes prohibit actions that bring any type of harm to any individual in the organization or to the reputation of the organization. Violation of the code of conduct statement is subject to dismissal from the organization.

Whistleblower Policy. To provide a means for individuals to report actions or events that undermine the health and safety of our members, staff, and volunteers, HCPAA has a means and policy for reporting those actions or events.

We encourage reporters to first communicate concerns directly with a board member or unit director. If that approach will not work due to conflicts of interest or other reasons, reporters may fill out and submit an online form. The form may be submitted anonymously if desired.

Van Drivers. Besides the mandatory background check which will show DUI activity, our drivers (staff or volunteer) must have clean driving records and must be 25 years of age or older. Insurance regulations prohibit any driver with a DUI conviction within the last 5 years.