While High Country Performing Arts (HCPAA) and its Malachi Winterguard staff are volunteers, there are many expenses incurred during the season including competition entry fees, rehearsal facility rental fees, out of town travel expenses, equipment purchases, costumes, props, materials, and so on.  Our costs are lower than many organizations of our caliber, but by no means insignificant. The performing members bear the brunt of the financial responsibilities via payment of membership fees. Any financial support you can offer to Malachi as a unit will in the long run allow us to keep membership fees at a minimum.

Here are a few ways you can help!  Click the links for more info.

Make a Donation (Your donation is 100% tax deductible)

Sponsor a Cast Member (Not tax deductible but you’ll be so loved by the cast member)

King Soopers Reloadable Gift Cards (Spend your normal amount shopping and we get 5.0%.)

Amazon Smile (Amazon will give us 0.5% of what you spend with them.  Just use the Smile link to shop and designate us as your charity.)

If you are curious as to what this activity is all about, here are some short videos explaining Winterguard and the activity’s organizational body – Winter Guard International (

What is Winterguard?  (also spelled as Winter Guard)

What is WGI?